Are you feeling unfulfilled and stuck? Would you like to find more positivity and authenticity in your life? Then you have come to the right place!


Cultivate Your Positive Heart!

I provide holistic coaching to women who have a strong desire to connect with their authentic selves, find their inner truth and deepen their spirituality. They want to start living a life that is abundantly filled with joy, fulfillment and purpose.

Would you like to work on these areas?

  • Nurture your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Become more authentic/knowing who you are
  • Develop new strengths
  • Initiate a goal or vision
  • Build  resources
  • Fulfill aspirations
  • Understand your purpose in life
  • Initiate a goal or vision
  • Nurture a relationship
  • Learn how to inspire yourself and live with a positive heart

My name is Dr. Katherine Sternlieb. My credentials include a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), Masters in Psychology, Registered Nurse, Positive Psychology Certified Coach and Holistic Coach. I provide coaching and mentoring in personal development. I have worked with clients for over 25 years  and my passion is helping women move forward and become their authentic self, and develop a positive heart. My work is based on education, past professional experience and my own personal growth.

Holistic Coaching and Personal Development