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Be Your Best Self.


Individual holistic coaching sessions are a practice that addresses you at all levels-emotional, physical and spiritual, and  offer a customized plan specific to your needs. Often times, people are stuck and unfulfilled because they are disconnected from their authentic selves.

During our time together, you will work on healing limiting belief patterns that have been holding you back from the life you desire and the life you are destined to live. You will be able to see yourself for who you truly are, link up with your spiritual connection (in a way that aligns with your spiritual values), and live a life that that is filled with joy, purpose, freedom, fulfillment and fun!

I believe that each woman’s life is an individual, authentic creation of her own.

Holistic Coaching

Personal Development

Workshops/On-Line Seminars


My mission is to help you reconnect with your authentic self!

Once you start to tune into your authentic self and listen to your inner self, your life will begin to transform in ways you never thought possible!

I offer coaching, mentoring, individual, and group personal development sessions and am available for speaking. Drawing from my practice, education, evidence-based research, and my own growth, my interests lie in helping women to excel in life and gain resources to live an authentic life. –  Katherine Sternlieb PsyD., RN

Live Your Best Life

What is your vision of your best self? When we become more authentic and true to ourselves we can live our best life! Cultivate your positive heart!

Improve your awareness and nurture your self-confidence and self-esteem. We work towards your understanding of who you are-are you being your authentic self? Personal development coaching/mentoring can help you to learn new strengths, initiate a goal or manage a transition. My mission is to help you explore your purpose in life and to inspire yourself.

Holistic Coaching and Personal Development